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Handcrafted Four Thieves Vinegar

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Four Thieves Vinegar is a potion used in various folk-magic and folk-medicine traditions, especially that of hoodoo or rootwork. Four Thieves Vinegar is commonly utilized for the purpose of personal protection, the prevention of illness, the banishing of troublesome people, and the cursing of one's enemies.

According to legend, there was a band of four thieves who in the middle-ages made a fortune by stealing from the bodies of people who had died from the black death or bubonic plague. When the criminals were arrested they where advised their lives would be spared if they divulged the secret method they used to prevent becoming infected. That secret would become known as four thieves vinegar. Another origin of the concoction is that the name 'four thieves' is a corruption of "forthave's vinegar", which was a popular vinegar remedy of it's time. Despite the actual origin of four thieves vinegar, the use of herbs steeped in vinegar is not new and is among some of the earliest medicines or remedies used by ancient peoples.

The Magick Box's Four Thieves Vinegar is home brewed and blessed for your use, and comes included with instructions and useful information as well as some commonly used spells.

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We offer authentic and traditional supplies for your magickal workings.
We cannot, by law, give any guarantees as to the use, outcome or effectiveness of
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of the user.
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